Are you worried about being dismissed from your job?

Worrying that you are going to lose your job is horrible. Work is an important part of life as it defines who we are and puts food on the table. As soon as your job is threatened then your ability to support your family and your lifestyle is threatened too.


If you’re worried about your job then it’s important to understand that you have rights and you have options. There are processes that your employer must follow before you can be dismissed. Even if you have had a slip up and have done something wrong, losing your job is by no means a done deal.


Are you ready to help?

Everyone gets stressed sometimes. And there are a range of reasons why it happens. It often isn’t caused by one thing: it can be a build up from a variety of issues. Do you think that someone who works for you is suffering from stress? It’s important to be able to spot the symptoms and, if you can, offer help with the solution.


Work-related stress is no laughing matter

Work-related stress is no joke. It’s a serious condition that affects a large number of New Zealanders. In fact, it’s statistically likely to be affecting someone you know.


Have you noticed a friend or family member who has been off form recently? Or maybe you’ve been feeling off, but hadn’t considered the cause?


We often don’t realise we are suffering from work-related stress until our symptoms either get in the way of us enjoying life or start affecting those around us. It’s not like stubbing your toe and feeling a shot of pain. Stress can creep up on you unnoticed and reveal itself in a variety of ways.