90 Day Trial Period

Have you been unfairly treated within your 90 day trial period? Employers can’t use the 90 day probation period as an excuse to mistreat or disadvantage employees without consequences.

Unfair treatment or harassment, sexual or racial discrimination, failure to give proper notice, invalid employment agreements and many other actions are not allowed during your 90 day trial period.

If you feel you have been mistreated during your 90 day trial period, Sacked Kiwi can give you advice and mediate on your behalf. Our no win, no fee service means you pay no money upfront and we only get paid if you get paid.

Is your employer following these rules for the NZ 90 day trial period?

  • 90 day probation periods are only for companies with 19 or fewer employees.
  • Trial periods are only valid if they are agreed upon in good faith by you and your employer before you start work, i.e. you can’t be forced into accepting employment with a trial period.
  • 90 day trial periods need to be correctly worded in your employment agreement
  • Notice needs to be given if they wish to dismiss you during your 90 day trial period

A lot of employers make mistakes dismissing under the 90 day trial period.  If you are unsure in any way, contact us for free advice.