Access to justice is a fundamental right, yet traditional legal fee structures often create financial barriers for many Kiwis. The exorbitant costs associated with legal representation can be daunting and deterring for individuals seeking the justice they deserve. This article explores how Sacked Kiwi is disrupting traditional legal fee structures to make employment justice more accessible and equitable.


Problems with Traditional Legal Fee Structures and Accessing Employment Justice


When you hire a traditional law firm to act for you, they will charge fees or costs; it is a fact of life. Every business has costs, from paying office rent and employee salaries to filling the office coffee pot. That does not always mean legal fees are reasonable, as it’s not uncommon for some legal fees to reach astronomical figures. Traditional law firms typically charge you as you go, with hourly rates heading well over $600.00 per hour. This means you have to pay large monthly fees with no certainty of any outcome if you want to seek justice. For instance, fees for a hearing at the Employment Relations Authority could cost around $30,000. Recently, we have dealt with a case where the fees of the other side’s law firm reached a staggering $78,000. it is clear that large upfront fees act as a financial barrier, effectively pricing Kiwis out of legal representation.


Sacked Kiwi: Legal Fee Structure

At Sacked Kiwi, we aim to protect you from such financial barriers and make employment justice more accessible. We don’t charge from the minute you pick up the phone. In fact, for cases that fall under our No-Win, No-Fee contingency policy, we are only paid when we are you are successful. This means you can take your first steps to employment justice without worrying about breaking through that financial barrier.


Our Fee Structure: Accessing Employment Justice

No matter the case, our team will always be upfront with you about our costs. 95% of the time, your employer will pay our fees either during a settlement (before or after mediation) or by determination at the Employment Relations Authority. It is important to remember that while you are liable for the fees, we don’t charge until your matter meets its resolution.

The other 5% of the time, in rare cases, some clients have to pay fees. For example, we may charge upfront fees when clients withdraw from the process or their case doesn’t fall under our contingency plans. We also offer services such as reviewing employment agreements and attending disciplinary meetings. Fees are often involved for services like this.

When we resolve your matter, it is a common misconception that we take a percentage of your winnings. We do not take a percentage of your winnings! Instead, we cover our costs by charging your employer a fixed sum separate from whatever compensation package you may receive. Our approach is not predatory; one of our core values focuses on enabling all Kiwis to access justice, and comparatively, our fees are considerably lower than those of traditional law firms. We believe hourly billing and traditional legal fee structures should not prevent Kiwis from accessing the justice they deserve.


The No-Win, No-Fee model demonstrates our belief that hourly billing and traditional legal fee structures should not price out Kiwis from accessing the justice they deserve. This has the added benefit of knowing that we are invested in your success. We clearly think you will win; otherwise, we wouldn’t be running it! We are often suspicious of some lawyers and why they are progressing with a case. Is it in the best interests of their client or the lawyers’ own pocket?


Our Value Add


Due to our large number of clients, we can be solution-focused rather than fee-focused. In contrast, traditional law firms that bill hourly are incentivised to be fee-focused as it’s more commercially logical for traditional firms to run up bills for you. Our solution-oriented and justice-first legal approach means we are incentivized not to drain you of money but instead to go to bat for you and win.


Beyond the financial benefits, our fee structure raises important ethical considerations. By removing the upfront cost barrier, we promote greater equality in the legal system. It ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, has the opportunity to seek justice. This aligns with the core principles of fairness and equity that underpin the legal profession. Our toll-free employment hotline embodies this commitment, where we help thousands of Kiwis every year completely free of charge.


Justice Accessibility, Sacked Kiwi, and the Future of Legal Fees


One’s financial status should not determine access to justice. By disrupting traditional legal fee structures, we can create a more equitable legal system where everyone has the opportunity to seek and achieve justice. Sacked Kiwi’s approach provides remarkable value and ensures that legal representation is accessible to all.


By understanding and embracing these changes, clients can make informed decisions about their legal representation, ensuring they receive the best possible support without prohibitive costs.

Legal Disclaimer

The content posted on the Sacked Kiwis website should not be considered or relied upon as legal advice or opinion. The information presented here is not intended to serve as legal guidance. Over time, laws and regulations evolve, potentially altering the accuracy of previously shared information. Updates in jurisprudence or legislation (for example, changes to the Employment Relations Act), which could happen without immediate notice, may render the legal information on this platform outdated or obsolete. Seeking legal advice is always advisable.


Should you need employment advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our toll-free hotline.