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Sacked Kiwi has a team of qualified professionals to provide you with employment law advice on a range of issues, especially if you’re being treated unfairly at work or have been wrongfully dismissed. Many of our team members have legal degrees or other legal qualifications, so we can give you expert advice and support through this difficult time.
Sacked Kiwi NZ's Employment Law Experts David Cain Senior Advocate
Dave Cain


With a wealth of experience from England in civil litigation, Dave is an expert in dispute resolution.  He is very thorough and will ensure he gets the best outcome for his clients.

Kara Orviss


Kara graduated with a degree in HR, Management, and Maori Studies.  She is bright, energetic and keen to grow in the field of employment law.  Together with Dave, they make an unstoppable team.

Sacked Kiwi NZ's Employment Law Experts Vicki Mcdougall Client Care Manager
Vicki McDougall


With years of experience in this role, Vicki is the guru in helping when you need it and she does so with a kind and compassionate approach.  With a strong history in corporate and administrative roles – combined with tremendous community endeavours – Vicki will guide you through your employment woes with ease.

Dee Petersen


Dee has a long history in client care and as a result, has outstanding customer service skills  She has a can-do attitude, real enthusiasm for her role and is always looking for ways to extend herself.

Holly Lean


Holly has a background in Psychology and is experienced in Advocacy and Social Development.  She is passionate about supporting positive outcomes for those in need, and does this with an empathetic and pragmatic approach.

Kirsten Westwood


With Law, Commerce, and Masters degrees, Kirsten has enjoyed a variety of legal, HR and management roles in the UK and NZ. Kirsten understands employment law and the realities of pragmatism across a variety of sectors.  She enjoys finding ways to support positive outcomes.

Stephanie Grant

With a previous role as a public servant, Steph brings great experience to the Sacked Kiwi team.  She thrives under pressure and has seen it all.  She enjoys a challenge and will ensure you secure an outstanding outcome.

Sacked Kiwi NZ's Employment Law Experts
Hayley Rose

With an Arts degree and a varied employment history, Hayley has combined her knowledge and experience to develop systems that enhance the work environment at Sacked Kiwi.

Sacked Kiwi NZ's Employment Law Experts
Rachelle Law


Rachelle supports Alex in all that he does, ensuring that work is carried out effortlessly and efficiently. She is capable and knowledgable having had experience in project management, operations, and marketing before joining the Sacked Kiwi team.

Sacked Kiwi NZ's Employment Law Experts
Alex Kersjes


Alex has been a large-scale employer and has known both success and failure.  This provides him with a unique perspective of employment law disputes and puts him in a strong position to aide employees through their grievances.  He regularly attends the Employment Relations Authority and has attended the Employment Court.  Alex knows how to win.

In the vast majority of cases, we represent you on a no win, no fee basis which means we don't charge anything up front for a grievance and will cover your costs until we achieve an outcome.

No win, 
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Sacked Kiwi has a head office in sunny Hawke’s Bay and attends offices throughout New Zealand including Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. We deal with all employment law matters from disciplinary hearings through to discrimination and redundancies.

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Our team has legal qualifications and get results.

No win, no fee

In the vast majority of cases, no costs to you at all until we get a result.

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We help people across New Zealand.

If you need any employment law advice, we urge you to contact us immediately, in confidence.

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