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Case study: dismissed without notice

A man accused of smoking cannabis at work has failed in his attempt to get his job back after he was immediately dismissed without notice following a drug test.

But Aaron Brown was awarded three months’ wages and $1500 compensation after the Employment Relations Authority found he was unjustifiably dismissed from his job at Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd in Mount Maunganui.

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Case study: dismissal during probationary period

A woman who was subject to dismissal during her probationary period shortly before it was due to end has been awarded more than $30,000.

Naturopath Vicki Martin was hired by Healthy Living Trading Company, which traded as the Hardy’s health stores chain, but was fired 80 days into the job. Hardy’s argued at the Employment Relations Authority that it was within its rights during the trial period.

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Case study: wrongful dismissal

A forklift operator who told his boss to go f*** himself has been awarded a further $7400 after earlier receiving $5600 for wrongful dismissal.

Ian Gabites worked at Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products in Richmond, near Nelson. On 26 November last year, Mr Gabites’ acting supervisor asked the forklift operator if he’d finished a job he was asked to do. Mr Gabites responded with: “Go f*** yourself,” according to an Employment Relations Authority decision.

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Case study: unlawful dismissal

An employee was subject to unlawful dismissal for using internet to run a side business.

An account manager fired for her excessive internet use and for using work time to run her two small businesses has been awarded $5000 by the Employment Relations Authority.

The authority ruled Antonina Knight was unlawfully dismissed by Printek Supplies Limited in December 2013.

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Case study: unjustified dismissal

A teenage girl was awarded more than $3000 after she was found to be subject to an unjustified dismissal from her job at a fish and chip shop in Kaikoura.

Amy Walker was employed as a junior assistant at the Top Shop fish and chip shop in Kaikoura, the Employment Relations Authority said. Ms Walker started working for Gael and Peter Watson at the Top Shop in 2013. A dispute arose when Ms Walker was meant to start a shift at midday on January 16 this year.

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