Senior Employment Advocate


We are an Employment Advocacy firm that represents employees in personal grievances and other employment related issues. We balance the scales in employment disputes and take great pride from our work in assisting our clients secure equitable outcomes. We proudly cover the entire country and are extraordinarily busy.

We value our Values and believe we bring a lot more than just advice and solutions to the employment landscape. We understand employment is far more than just a job and that it often defines us. If things aren’t going well at work, it can have a profound impact.

So we in turn do our best to create a fantastic place to work. We are always working on it and value everyone’s opinion on what makes work engaging.
We are flexible to your needs and restrictions. We get family and activities and understand that you’ll need to be elsewhere at times. We don’t clock watch, we just focus on results. Your hours will work for you – that’ll work for us in return.

We are growing and need more stars to join our team. That’s why we need you. There are ten of us with an expectation this will be 50% higher in six months.


You will have worked in ER and have relevant experience. Ideally you will have attended employment mediations.

You may be legally trained.

You will be a self-starter and be willing to work unsupervised to a high level.

You will have a strong value base and be empathetic.

You will be motivated to succeed and have a strong work ethic.

You will be commercially minded and a strong negotiator.

You will have a great sense of humour and an open approach.

You will have a strong personality but understand leadership comes from consideration.


Plainly put you will represent clients from across New Zealand who have suffered unjustified actions, mostly dismissals, through the grievance process. From raising a grievance through to closure, be that as a settlement or at a hearing.

You will be focused upon representing clients around NZ at mediations and the Employment Relations Authority.


Well this will depend on you. Some people like incentives and/or bonuses. Some people don’t.

You might like a salary or an hourly rate. You might work part-time or full-time.

You might like to work towards being a partner in the business.

You may be highly experienced and bring a tremendous amount to the table. You may be young but filled with drive, a capacity to learn and filled with zeal.

The point is we will tailor your package to you.

We do offer a gym membership and any other tools you need to be a highly tuned and happy individual.

So if it sounds like this role will give you happy Mondays and you can bring some interesting aspects of you to the table, please send your cover letter and CV to Sacked Kiwi.