No Need to Engage an Expensive Employment Lawyer in Wellington – Consult Sacked Kiwi’s Experts

There’s nothing more stressful than dealing with a matter at work that has left you feeling like you’ve been harshly dealt with. At Sacked Kiwi, our employment advocates in Wellington help clients across the area and New Zealand to find closure, gain justice and obtain a peace of mind about their situation. So there’s no need to call an expensive Lawyer! We are a low cost, true no win no fee firm. From redundancies to discrimination cases, we’re able to effectively help you achieve the results you deserve, allowing you to get the better end of the deal.

Our team is backed by years of experience within the industry, assisting clients throughout Wellington with an array of contexts and circumstances that have allowed us to establish a reputation for success. Moreover, our employment lawyers work hard to ensure all clients come out the other end feeling satisfied, confident and able to take on their future with a brighter mind.

All of our services are tax-free, with settlements allowing clients to deal with their case without the hassle of having to dip into savings to do so. We’re proud of our business’s ability to grant those we work with a sense of happiness and contentment, through services that include:

If you’re seeking assistance from a body of employment lawyers in Wellington, call Sacked Kiwi’s employment law specialist advocates who understand and respect your situation, please get in touch with Sacked Kiwi on 05408 22 77 99.