Employment Law Specialists Auckland. Your Local Alternative to Expensive Lawyers

As a respected employment law specialist in Auckland, our experts have served justice to an array of work-related concerns throughout New Zealand. Moreover, we’ve done so with complete respect to every case we work with, allowing each of our clients to access valuable advice and resources to better gain a peace of mind about their situation. If you don’t like dealing with expensive lawyers, give Sacked Kiwi a call.

Having worked extensively with clients throughout Auckland and its surroundings, our employment advocates have been exposed to various circumstances, allowing our team to establish a name as expert professionals. We know the ins and outs of unfair dismissals, redundancies, discrimination and the like, enabling us to offer unmatched services as an employment law specialist.

To assist our clients with the situation, we also offer tax-free settlements on services including: disciplinary hearings, personal grievances, employment agreement advice, assistances with wage and holiday pay concerns, unfair dismissals, sexual harassment, discrimination and more.

We’re proud of the reputation we have established throughout Auckland, and strive to continue raising the bar for employment law services that achieve the results that our clients deserve.

Need an Employment Lawyer? Try Sacked Kiwi who are NZ’s leading employment law specialist advocates. Get in touch with our team on 0508 22 77 99 for an obligation-free discussion. We’re always more than happy to discuss your concerns or provide you with assistance towards gaining a peace of mind on your circumstances.

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