Disciplinary meetings

Disciplinary meetings usually arise when your employer believes there has been some form of workplace misconduct, or where they believe you have not performed as expected in your duties or some other reason. Typically, they are part of the process that can result in your dismissal.
Many people find disciplinary meetings difficult, which is why you should seek an advocate to speak on your behalf and to help you through the process. This is your legal right.

What are disciplinary meetings?

Disciplinary meetings are formal meetings where your employer expresses their concerns about your performance or behaviour. They are often used to present a performance improvement plan which should detail what you’re required to do to remedy the situation.
Disciplinary meetings should be documented and you should be supplied with a copy of the minutes.
Grounds for a personal grievance
If your employer is treating you unfairly, you may have grounds for a personal grievance. As every situation is different, you should seek professional advice before taking any other action.

How we help

We provide advocacy services if you’ve been asked to attend a disciplinary meeting. You’ll have a better chance of saving your job or achieving the best outcome. We can also negotiate your exit package if you feel you cannot continue to work for your employer.

We may charge an hourly rate. Any fees will be discussed in advance.

If you’ve been given notice to attend a disciplinary meeting, we urge you to contact us immediately, in confidence.


Additional information about the help you can access is available here.

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